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We have a number of potential opening for interns to join our team. Applicants with a strong background in computer science, software engineering, physics or mathematics will be considered. You will be working with an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, physicists and engineers to develop an optimizing compiler to produce code that will run on quantum processors. Quantum computers represent a fundamentally new paradigm in computing technology, and the internship will provide an opportunity to work closely with experts in the field. There is great scope for learning, and so a passion for learning and a drive to push the envelope of what is currently possible are highly desirable.


  • During the internship, you will be paired with a mentor, and will have the guidance and support and the responsibility to see a project relevant to our business through to completion. You will work on real projects that will affect the architecture and function of our software for quantum computers.
  • Collaborate with members of the scientific and engineering teams
  • Keep track of progress on your project and flag any issues
  • Prepare briefings for other team members on your findings and progress
  • Read background material and source the information you need to progress your project


  • Open to current undergraduate and post-graduate students
  • Some programming experience is required
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Passion for learning and driven to succeed

Employment Type

  • Full-time/Part-time