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The Promise of Quantum Computation

Quantum computers are devices capable of storing and manipulating information stored as quantum states of matter. Small scale quantum processors have already been demonstrated by technology giants including Google, IBM and Intel, as well as by a new generation of hardware start-ups. Such devices offer an entirely new model of computation which can drastically outperform conventional computers for a number of applications.

Faster Algorithms

Quantum algorithms are exponentially faster than the best known conventional algorithms for certain tasks, including machine learning, optimization and computational chemistry.

Secure Computation and Communication

Processing information as quantum states also allows for new forms of cryptography, allowing for unconditionally secure communication and delegated computation.

More Efficient Communication

Quantum computers also offer more efficient algorithms in a networked setting, being able to compute certain functions of distributed data with less communication than otherwise possible.

The Algorithms Bottleneck

Finding Quantum Algorithms is Hard

With hardware on the way, the race is on to develop new applications for these systems. More than 240 leading researchers from academia and industry recently signed the Quantum Software Manifesto highlighting the need for investment in quantum software development. Unfortunately, there are significant barriers to developing useful quantum software.

Intuition Mismatch

Quantum mechanics defies our intuition, making it difficult to construct non-trivial algorithms.

Expertise Required

Developing non-trivial quantum algorithms and protocols requires years of experience.

Lack of Skilled Labour

Only a small community of researchers have experience developing quantum algorithms.

Lack of Tools

Little work has been done on quantum data structures and languages remain assembly-like.

Our Approach

Horizon Quantum Computing is developing a new generation of tools to simplify and expedite the process of developing quantum software applications, to dramatically increase the productivity of experienced quantum computing researchers and to open the development of quantum-enhanced applications to the larger community of software engineers through the use of abstraction to remove the need for prior quantum computing experience.

If you want to learn more about the tools we are developing, or are keen to join us on this journey, why not reach out.

Latest News

Horizon closes seed funding round

Singapore, November 22nd 2018

Horizon Quantum Computing was founded by Joseph Fitzsimons, a theoretical physicist with 14 years experience in quantum computing research, with the vision of bridging the gap between quantum computers and conventional software development, enabling software developers to harness the full power of quantum processors without requiring a PhD.

Today we are delighted to announce that we have secured seed funding, in a round led by SGInnovate, to help us make this vision a reality. We are looking forward to working with SGInnovate, as well as with the other investors in the round, including Abies Ventures, Data Collective, Qubit Protocol, Summer Capital and Posa CV.

Horizon enters first hardware partnership with Rigetti

Singapore, September 7th 2018

Today we are delighted to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Rigetti Computing. At Horizon Quantum Computing, we are building a new generation of programming tools that will allow developers with little or no prior exposure to quantum computing to harness the full power of quantum processors. The partnership with Rigetti marks the first step towards this goal, allowing us access to Rigettiā€™s state of the art quantum processors, and will see us making new programming tools available to Rigetti customers through their Quantum Cloud Services in the future. We look forward to working with Rigetti as we enter a new era in computing technology.